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I got started in the visual industry by studying Graphic Design and Visual Communication at the University of Pretoria. For me, Photography has been a good way to unite all my visual skills into one single creative process. Althoug I yearned to "bottle" every special memory since I can remember, a trip to London with my husband in 2007 instilled a passion for capturing the world around us. Weddings are filled with a myriad of photo opportunities, and it takes a "natural eye" to turn fleeting images into ones that can last the test of time. With every wedding, we aim to capture the personality of people, the twinkle in an eye, a stolen look or a radiant smile. These are the memories that make up your special day. Allow our work to speak for itself by browsing through our galleries. Welcome! mail us at louiselacante@gmail.com for our Package Price-list

Monday, July 20, 2009

My Images out of the "Breaking the Mould" Workshop! July 2009

Workshop Group photo - image supplied by J&D Photography

Me in action (far right) with the "fire" scene. Image supplied by J&D Photography

...and favourite image out of my lens...


  1. Hi Louise! I'm just going through all the cards and websites I got from you guys at the workshop. I really loved this image when Jaco showed it; I must admit I'm usually not a fan of selective-colour, but this is a picture where it completely WORKS for me so beautifully! I've put some of mine up on my blog too. No pigeons yet - I'm interested to edit mine and see how they turned out. All the best, Kat.

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